Summer Reading Program (Orig)

Come join the Bel and Bunna’s Books summer reading program for 2016!

How to sign up—

  1. Visit Bel and Bunna’s Books anytime between June 6th and June 30th
  2. Readers must be present to sign up
  3. There is a $30 fee for participation
  4. Collect reading log and age appropriate reading list

Reader’s Duties—

  1. Have fun!!
  2. Read 5 or more books to complete program.
  3. Fill in reading logs—Feel free to write of the back of the page if you need more space and ask for more logs if you read more books than you have spaces to write
  4. Turn in reading logs by September 1st at 5pm
  5. More fun!!


  1. Bookmark and set of four stickers upon signing up
  2. 10% off all books bought as part of the summer reading program
  3. Gift card and Certificate upon completion
  4. Party with fun and treats for everyone who completes the program