Summer Reading Program Grown Ups

Notes for Grown Ups…! 


Thanks for signing your child(ren) up for a Summer of reading fun with Bel and Bunna’s Books.

A few things to bear in mind over the Summer…..

  • This is meant to be fun – if it becomes a chore or the source of complaints, press the pause button and come back to it another day.
  • Please, please, please, make sure that the completed logs/bingo boards and associated information are back at Bel and Bunna’s by the close of business on Friday 1 st September.

For logistical reasons, we cannot accept completed packets after that.

  • When you are buying books for the program, please have your child(ren) remember their ‘membership’ card so that whoever is behind the desk can apply the discount appropriately.
  • Keep an eye on our social media announcements and/or on the website for information regarding the additional special events over the Summer.
  • If you want some Summer reading for yourself – remember that we have a small selection of carefully curated books for grown-ups (and we are happy to recommend YA books for you too!). Also, remember that we can order pretty much *anything* and have a super quick turn around.

Thank you again for choosing our program as part of your child(ren)’s Summer activities.

Our very warmest regards,


Bel and the Bel and Bunna’s Books Team