Summer Reading Program 2017

Come join the Bel and Bunna’s Books summer reading program for 2017!

(Notes for Grown Ups)

How You Sign Up—

1. Visit Bel and Bunna’s Books anytime between Saturday, May 27th and Friday June 30th. (that’s the registration period).

2. Say hi to Bel or Sam or Alan or Sofia or Lily.

3. Collect your Summer Reading Program packet.

4. Have your grown-up pay the $30 registration fee and have them fill out the forms that need to be filled out!

Your Duties—

1. Have fun!!

2. Read 5 or more books to complete the program.

3. Fill in the reading logs—feel free to write on the back of the page if you need more space and ask for more logs if you read more books than you have spaces to write in. If you can’t write yet, then you are welcome to draw pictures of the story and have your grown up write your words underneath it.

4. Also fill out the ‘Bingo Board’ and it’s information page. There is an extra prize for anyone who completes the board as well as the five book minimum over the Summer!

5. Come to one or more of our special events over the Summer, which are just for the people in the program!

6. Turn in your reading logs/pictures and your bingo card by Friday September 1st at 6pm

7. Have more fun!!

Extra Benefits, on Top of Reading all Those Lovely Books—

1. A bookmark and a set of four stickers upon signing up

2. 10% off all books bought as part of the summer reading program

3. A gift card, special bookmark, and certificate upon completion, which you will receive when you come to the finishers pizza party on Sunday 1 st October at 5pm!

(Notes for Grown Ups)