Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes Delivered to Friends and Family

Give the gift of Bel’s children’s book whispering experience to friends and family!

It’s rather simple – choose either a pre-themed box (toddler, newborn, time of year and so on) and a size, and leave a note for any particular books or series you don’t want to be part of the gift (perhaps they already have that!).

Bel and the store will select a set of appropriate books, wrap them up with the store’s signature flourish, pack them into a shipping box with bookmarks and other goodies and send it off for you. You don’t need to lift a finger!

All sales are made online at – that way you can track your order with ease. If you want to have a very specific box made up, please visit the shop! – Bel will work with you on your selection and then wrap and ship your gift

You don’t have to be local to access Bel’s wealth of experience in the children’s book market. Don’t let a robot pick your gift books based on manipulated recommendations – use a real bookseller with real experience!

Gift Boxes from Bel and Bunna’s –