Bel and Bunna’s Books is a real life, brick and mortar, independent children and young adult’s bookshop, located in Lafayette, California. Bel McNeill is committed to providing a positive literary experience for children of all ages from birth to eighteen years old. Offering a wide range of books and book related products, Bel and Bunna’s Books works as a devoted community partner to create a literary wonderland for children where they can embrace the written word and feed their imaginations.

The bookshop has been designed to be a safe retreat from the electronic age. There are bean bags to hang out and read on; dolls, soft toys and Lego to play with while an older sibling is taking far too long to select a book. This can also be a welcome distraction when getting advice from Bel on books.

Bel also has an art/art supplies area, kid’s books in Spanish, parenting books and some teen help books. There is also a good classics section (for all ages including adults) and a small selection of some of the latest popular adult fiction. Cards for all occasions are available in unique designs from a local artist. Bel can also order books – drop in or call!